Case Report

Calcified Chronic Subdural Hematoma: Case Report


  • Mehmet Ufuk Akmil
  • Ezgi Akar
  • Metin Orakdöğen
  • Tamer Altay

Med Bull Haseki 2015;53(2):168-170

Calcified chronic subdural hematoma (CSH) is a rare disease that may be associated with a previous trauma, inadequate surgical intervention, postmeningitic subdural effusion, and that less likely to be seen as a long-term complication of shunt placement. In this paper, we present a, 22-year-old male patient who had a head injury when he was six years old. The patient had no complaints except for headache; neurologic examination was unremarkable. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the right frontoparietal region revealed calcified chronic subdural hematoma. The patient was followed up by intermittent neurological and radiological examinations. The decision for surgery should be made in cases of calcified chronic subdural hematoma after a careful and rigorous evaluation and ineffective surgical procedures should be avoided.

Keywords: Chronic subdural hematoma, calcification, trauma

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