A Brief Overlook at the Radial Artery Catheterization

  • Gökhan Sargın
  • Özgür Tanrıverdi

Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(3):93-95

Intra-arterial catheters are widely used in critically ill patients for arterial blood gas analysis, as well as for measurement of blood pressure and cardiac output. However, it is an invasive procedure and complications are not uncommon. Radial artery is one of the sites most frequently used for catheterization. Cannulation is often preferred, because it is easy to perform and a sufficient amount of blood can be obtained. However, it can lead to serious complications such as cerebral embolization and peripheral neuropathy. Before the catheterization procedure, an adequate blood circulation should be ensured. Allen’s test is performed to determine the presence of adequate blood flow. In this paper, we aimed to demonstrate the important place of radial artery catheterization in monitoring critically ill patients by compiling information from the literature.

Keywords: Radial artery catheterization, Allen’s test, intra-arterial cannulation

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