Case Report

A Case of Wilson’s Disease Mimicking Malignancy


  • Ahmet Akın
  • Şakir Özgür Keşkek
  • Mehmet Aliustaoğlu
  • Nedime Şahinoğlu-Keşkek

Med Bull Haseki 2014;52(1):64-66

Wilson’s disease is a rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder of copper metabolism that causes various degrees of hepatic and neuropsychiatric symptoms. The condition is due to mutations in the ATP7B gene localized to arm 13q. The clinical signs are complex. The accumulation of copper in the brain causes tremor, dysartria and psychiatric problems. The deposits in the liver can lead to acute, chronic and progressive hepatitis and cirrhosis. Wilson’s disease is the first liver disease for which an effective pharmacological treatment was found. In this paper, we gave particular importance to liver involvement in Wilson’s disease and emphasized that the disease can be confused with metastatic liver diseases.

Keywords: Wilson’s disease, malignancy, liver

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