Case Report

A Cause of High Creatine Kinase: A Case of Juvenile Dermatomyositis


  • İsmail Yıldız
  • Özge Umur
  • Muhammet Ali Varkal
  • Alev Yılmaz
  • Gökçen Gündoğdu
  • Ayşe Kılıç
  • Fatma Oğuz
  • Emin Ünüvar

Received Date: 25.12.2013 Accepted Date: 05.02.2014 Med Bull Haseki 2014;52(3):219-222

Although juvenile dermatomyositis is rare, it is the most common idiopathic nonsupurrative inflammatory myositis in childhood. Skin lesions, proximal muscle weakness, elevated levels of muscle enzymes, electromyography, and muscle biopsy findings are used in diagnosing juvenile dermatomyositis. In this paper, we aimed to present the case of juvenile dermatomyositis in a patient with elevated levels of creatine kinase.

Keywords: Juvenile dermatomyositis, creatine kinase, heliotrope rash, Gottron’s papules

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