Case Report

A Congenital Abnormality Could be Detected on Chest X-Ray: Azygos Lobe


  • Cenk Aypak
  • Özlem Türedi
  • Murat Dicle
  • Adnan Yüce
  • Süleyman Görpelioğlu

Received Date: 13.08.2012 Accepted Date: 17.09.2012 Med Bull Haseki 2012;50(4):150-152

Azygos lobe which appears in the inner surface of the right lung apex is a rare venous anomaly of the lung. It is usually asymptomatic and does not require a specific treatment, but it should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of lesions in the lungs and should be considered for the presence of cardio-pulmonary pathology that may accompany. In this study, we present a pediatric patient, who was referred to the family medicine outpatient clinic with the complaints of fever and cough and was diagnosed with azygos lobe.

Keywords: Azygos lobe, congenital abnormality, thoracic radiography

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