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A Cross- Sectional Study on the Quality of Life of Healthcare Professionals - Original Article

  • Abdulkadir Ergen
  • Özgür Tanrıverdi
  • Abdulbaki Kumbasar
  • Evşan Arslan
  • Duygu Atmaca

Received Date: 30.11.2010 Accepted Date: 26.12.2010 Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(1):14-19


Today, the work environment is one of the factors affecting the quality of life. Indeed, in a stressful environment, health care providers must work carefully and diligently. In this study, we aimed to determine health workers’ perception towards quality of life and to explore its influential factors.


A total of 110 health personnel who have been actively working within the last 6 months in our hospital were included in this study. The study was completed within one month period encompassing the months of June and July of 2010. The World Health Organization Quality of Life Questionnaire (WHOQOL- BREF) was administered in a face-to-face basis. The T test, ANOVA test and the Tukey’s multiple comparison test were used for analysis.


No significant conclusion could be drawn from the results for gender, educational level, smoking, number of children, living area, number of years of service, annual leave time, holiday status, frequency of reading, daily news resources, courses, movies, theater, concert, exhibition, surgery undertaken, and presence of chronic disease. In the WHOQOL- BREF domains, such as occupational group, alcohol use, monthly income level, working status, sports habits, psychological status, and chronic diseases, the results were significant.


Factors negatively affecting the quality of life have adverse impact on work environment and productivity at work.

Keywords: Quality of life, healthcare providers

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