Case Report

A Pregnant Patient with Advanced HIV/AIDS

  • Özlem Altuntaş Aydın
  • Hayat Kumbasar Karaosmanoğlu
  • Ramazan Korkusuz
  • Özcan Nazlıcan

Received Date: 02.09.2010 Accepted Date: 01.12.2010 Med Bull Haseki 2011;49(1):39-41

After the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), the life quality and life expectancy of HIV/AIDS patients have improved. Although the AIDS women of reproductive age are willing to give birth, they are anxious about the possibility of infection in the newborn. In addition to antiretroviral therapy, if these patients are referred at the appropriate time in the prenatal and postpartum period, perinatal infection rate is less than 2 %. In this report, we present the case of a patient with late-stage HIV/AIDS who attended to our outpatient clinic at the 15th week of gestation and was informed about all possible risks. The final decision of giving birth was left to the patient. Antiretroviral therapy was started during gestation. The patient delivered uninfected and healthy male infant by cesarean section; she did not breastfeed.

Keywords: Pregnancy, HIV, antiretroviral therapy

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