Original Article

HPV DNA Positivity Rate and Evaluation of Cytopatological Results in Patients with Chronic Vaginal Discharge


  • Güler Ateşer
  • Derya Sivri Aydın
  • Feray Günver
  • Sevim Purisa

Med Bull Haseki 2014;52(2):93-97


There are new publications stating that chronic infection may facilitate dysplastic changes and persistence of human papillomavirus (HPV)-DNA positivity. Frequency of this coincidence and cervical cytological and pathological examination results were investigated in patients with chronic vaginal discharge.


One hundred three patients, who were treated at least 3 times for chronic mucopurulent discharge with accessible HPV DNA results, were analyzed retrospectively. Risk factors were identified for HPV DNA positivity. HPV DNA positive-patients were divided into two groups (positive and negative) according to the presence and absence of HPV DNA. The results of cytopatological and histopathological examinations and risk factors were compared between the two groups.


The mean age of the patients was 35±9 years. Sixty-four percent of the patients were positive for HPV DNA. Of the HPV DNA positive patients, 41% had abnormal cytological findings, 16% had cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). Of the HPV DNA-negative patients, 16% had abnormal cytological findings and, 2 patients had CIN. There was no statistically significant difference in cervical cytological abnormalities and CIN between HPV-DNA positive and negative groups.


In our study, the rates of HPV DNA positivity and abnormal cytopathological results among patients with chronic vaginal discharge were found to be higher than that reported in the literature.

Keywords: Chronic mucopurulan discharge, HPV-DNA, cytological abnormalities, CIN

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