Paraneoplastic Dermatoses

  • Engin Yavuz
  • Yavuz Yeşilova
  • Bilal Sula

Med Bull Haseki 2010;48(2):61-67

Paraneoplastic dermatoses are diseases that may be associated with an internal malignancy. The awareness of paraneoplastic dermatoses among clinicians and pathologists is of great importance in early diagnosis and management of internal malignancy, in monitoring for tumor recurrence, and for clarifying the pathophysiology. The signs and symptoms of dermatological lesions are easily detectable, therefore, they may be the reason for a cancer patient to refer to a physician. Cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes usually have a course parallel to the underlying malignancy. In this review, the most common cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes are overviewed.

Keywords: Paraneoplastic dermatoses, internal malignancy

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