Case Report

Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome: A Report of Two Cases


  • Sefer Günaydın
  • Birgül Baştan
  • Hürtan Acar
  • Nihat Çevik
  • Özlem Çokar

Received Date: 04.04.2015 Accepted Date: 14.06.2015 Med Bull Haseki 2015;53(4):308-312

Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (THS) is a painful ophthalmoplegia, characterized by cryptogenic granulomatous inflammation of the cavernous sinus and/or superior orbital fissure. Glucocorticoid treatment is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. According to the Headache classification subcommittee of international headache society criteria, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or biopsy is necessary for demonstration of the granulomatous inflammation. Here, we present two cases of THS with clinical and MRI findings.

Keywords: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome, headache

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